At Feline Friends Cat Hotel we have a number of different runs which will suit every family. Thanks to recent expansion, we have a total of 46 runs, of which 33 are individual runs and 11 are family runs, which are suitable for up to 5 cats. We also have two separate isolation units.

Cats are housed in their own runs, and only those from the same family can board together. Cats do not have a chance to be in contact with other cats but they can see other cats if they wish.

Each run has been built to standards advised by International Cat Care. They include a separate sleeping area with a bed and blankets for your cat. In the winter months we try to give cats extra blankets for warmth. All runs have a litter tray, scratching post and food and water bowls.

We also let each cat out on the main corridor for a chance to have a wander round and have a change of scenery. Cats do not go on the corridor with other cats.

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Luxury Runs

From January 2020, we have available our new luxury pens. These runs are slightly larger than the current runs. They have a full height bed area, with a door which can be opened or closed depending on the weather and time of day. They also have the bottom half of the run in tiles and pvc plastic, which enables cats to feel more secure and private, as well as being more hygienic and easier to clean. The top half of the walls are mesh, which allows cats to see each other if they wish and let air flow freely, keeping the cattery cool in the summer. The bed areas and floors are all tiled, again meaning a more hygienic environment for the cats.