Settling in

A lot of people feel nervous about leaving their cat in a cattery, especially if it is the first time they have been left. A question we get asked a lot is “how quickly do they settle?”. I therefore thought this would be a good blog post!

A lot of articles on the internet say that cats do not settle in to new places quickly, they do not like the different smells and they especially do not like to be surrounded by other cats they do not know, in fact a lot of articles recommend not getting another cat if you already have one due to how much it can stress a cat out!

However, in my experience, I find that most cats settle in really well. Generally it takes about one to two days for the cat to be fully trusting and want to come out on the corridor or even to see us but after this they are normally perfectly fine. In fact, most cats enjoy going up and seeing their neighbours. Obviously some cats are different and they do take longer to settle down but on the other hand some cats come in and are settled straight away!

There are some recommendations to help your cat settle in better in a cattery;

  • Bring something which smells of home e.g. a blanket or bed
  • Some cats settle with the feliway spray
  • Let us know about your cat’s personality – they are all different!
  • If you know your cat definitely hates other cats, let us know and we can try and put them in an end run or away from others

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