Travelling with your cat by air

I thought I would write a blog about travelling with your cats as when I moved across to Spain I found very little information about the procedures and what to expect. Like most cat parents, they are my babies so I was very anxious about what would happen!

I brought my two cats, Crystal and Tabitha, over to Spain on the aeroplane. They flew on the same flight as me with Monarch (who were excellent). I had to book the cat’s flights through a freight company who worked on behalf on Monarch and they sent me all the information. My flight was at 3pm and we had to take the cats to the freight terminal at Manchester airport for 12pm. I arrived and was greeted by a nice woman who told me to procedure and what they needed to do.

Firstly, she checked their passports and took photocopies and then gave lots of paperwork back! She then told us that they would need to be x-rayed by security. We were able to go with them to be x-rayed and saw them go through the machine. When this was complete we were then told that everything was done and we could go and check ourselves in.

It was a long wait until we were able to board (well it seemed it anyway!) and when we boarded the air hostess told us that they were fine and that the pilot and crew had been to see them and even knew their names! After another few long and tearful hours we landed.

Upon arrival we were told that we needed to go to collect them from the cargo area. I didn’t know where this was and couldn’t really find any information about it on the internet. Luckily the people in the airport were helpful and told us directions. We collected our rental car and drove around to the airport cargo area, which was easy to find and well signposted. As soon as I walked in to the collection area the man asked me if I were collecting cats and he just had to check the paperwork, I had to pay 80€ and then he gave them to me in their crate.

All in all it was very well planned and there was no need to worry so much as they are fine. In my next blog I will talk about how they have settled in and travel by road. I hope this was helpful to people thinking of taking their cats (or other pets) on a plane.

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