What happens when I bring my cat to you?

I thought this would be a nice blog post following on from the “Settling In” post previously. As you probably know if you are on the website, we are open for drops offs and collections between 9am-12pm and 4.30pm – 5.30pm Monday to Saturday and 9am-12pm Sunday. I will now explain what happens when you bring your cat in to us.

Before your cat is brought in, their room will be thoroughly disinfected after the last cat’s departure. Once dry, we then prepare the room for your cat’s arrival, this includes putting their bed and comfy blanket in the bed area, putting their curtain up for warmth and comfort during the night, a litter tray and their water (on the day they arrive). We will also write their names on the board outside their room. although we generally remember the cat’s name and not yours!

When you arrive with your cat, you will need to press the buzzer so we can let you in through the gate. We will be waiting at the bottom of the garden, which is where the cattery is located. We will ask to check the cat’s vaccination certificate and ask when they were last de-flead. We will show you to where your cat is staying so you can let them out of their carrier, as this normally helps them feel settled more. If you would rather us do this, please let us know, as obviously some people do not like to leave their cats. You can then leave any toys or blankets with them if required.

Once your cat is settled in their room, we will ask you about their food preferences (wet, dry or both) and when they get fed. We normally leave dry food down all day and then feed cats wet food as directed by you. Obviously, if your cat only eats wet food, we will not put any dry down! After asking about your cat’s diet, we will then take their food through to them. Please make sure if your cat is on a special diet, or only eats a specific brand/flavour, that you bring this in with you, we supply Lucy or Friskies dry food and Felix or Lucy tinned wet food only! 

Please feel free to tell us anything about your cat, such as what they like and what they don’t like. We will also ask if they have any health issues we should be aware of.

Once you leave, we treat each cat individually, as some do not like to be fussed straight away and others do (see our previous blog post!). Whilst they are here we clean the cat rooms every day and make sure they have fresh food and water available and offer plenty of strokes, fuss and hugs as required!


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