Prices 2022

We are currently rebuilding some areas of the cattery, which means that we can still offer two choices of runs if you have one cat, or your cats go in separate single runs. If you have a family, we now only have the newer luxury runs, prices are listed below.

Prices quoted are charged per night. If your cat is picked up after 12.00pm, this will incur an extra night charge.

As stated, for single cats, there is a choice of the regular runs and the new luxury runs. Prices for the regular run is 7 euros per night.

 Prices for the luxury runs:

  • 1 cat – 8 €

  • 2 cats (in a family run) 15 €

  • 3 cats (in a family run) 19 €

  • 4 cats (in a family run) 22 €

  • 5 cats (in a family run) 24 €

Only one cat is permitted in a single run, if you have more than one cat they can go in individual separate runs or in a family run.

If you wish to book a luxury run, please state at the time of booking as we only have a limited number of these available.