What is included?

Here is what is included in the price to make sure your cat is happy during his/her stay.

  • Beds and bedding

  • Litter and litter tray

  • Dry food (Mercadona) – dry food is left down all day and replaced every morning

  • Water – fresh water is available all the time

  • Scratching post (in most runs)

Please note we only provide dry food, if your cat is on a special diet, only has a specific brand, or requires wet food, please bring that with you.

You are welcome to bring in anything your cat may need during its stay, or indeed anything you feel will make your cat settle in better and feel more comfortable.

Please note: For long term stays over 1 month, you will be required to bring in a flea treatment to provide protection from fleas for the duration of your cat’s stay. If you would prefer to use ours, or we have to use ours, there is a charge of 7€ per pipette.